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Tips for New Mothers Returning to the Workforce

Are you about to finish your maternity leave and head back to work after having had a child? It’s a difficult transition full of arrangements, details and lots of mixed emotions. Provided you have already made the decision to return, it’s time to develop and execute a plan of action for child care and household commitments.  If you have adjusted your schedule such that you are working part time or are able to work from home, your options increase substantially. This can also be a lot less stressful than enduring a long commute and returning home exhausted to enjoy precious moments with your new bundle of joy. Follow these recommendations from the child care experts to develop a plan.

The first step is to determine your budget. Many companies offer the option to create a child care pretax account that allows you to forgo paying taxes on the portion of your income that is used directly for child care expenses. Child care can get expensive. Be sure you clearly weigh the cost of child care and the difference in your new take home pay as a result. It might be cheaper to cut some costs and luxuries at home and remain out of the work force for a few years until your child returns to school.

The ideal situation is if you have a family member or relative in the area that can watch your child. Many young families have several arrangements throughout the week with different sitters and family members combined. This can certainly cut down on costs. If you are job sharing with a coworker, check into the possibility of sharing childcare as well. Another option is to take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and turn to the child care experts at Care.com and arrange for a private nanny or sitter to come to your home. While this may result in a higher cost, it most certainly will be less stressful than packing your child and their belongings up every morning and heading to a full time day care. Best of luck to you in executing your child care plan. Be sure to have a solid back up for the days your child or caregiver is sick.…

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